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This page dedicated to understanding of High level design for Normal Thumbnail in R-Pi Zero.

  • Supported WiFi connection.
  • v4l2 Driver is used to capture YUV data from RPI-0 camera Device.
  • /dev/video0 is the RPI-0 camera device to capture data.
  • Supported Soc level Gstreamer plugins to capture data from camera device.
  • Supported openCV to convert YUV data into JPEG Image.
  • Stored generated JPEG image in local /tmp directory.


Design Considerations

  • Gstreamer Soc Implementation for RPI-0 Camera


  • Enabled V4l2 driver in part of RPI-0 to capture data from /dev/video0  device.
  • Implemented soc level gstreamer pipeline with v4l2src plugin and appsink plugin.
  • V4l2src plugin is used to capture yuv data from camera through v4l2 driver based on capsfilter( format : NV12 )and transmitted captured yuv data into appsink plugin to write yuv data into 8080 port of mongoose server.
  • Registered 8080 port in Mongoose server to listen data.
  • Gstreamer Implementation in Normal Thumbnail

  • Implemented gstreamer pipeline in Normal Thumbnail side with souphttpsrc plugin and appsink plugin.
  • Souphttpsrc plugin will get yuv data from Mongoose server from 8080 port and transmitted yuv data into appsink plugin.
  • From appsink plugin normal thumbnail will get yuv data and converting it into JPEG image with the help of OpenCV.
  • Stored generated JPEG image in local /tmp directory of RPI device.

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