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RDK-C  Mobile application will be used to view the live streaming and previous recordings from RDK-Camera using RTS protocol. This mobile app will support android & iOS platforms. This page is dedicated to bring up the overall picture of the mobile app and how it works.


In this mobile application we are using RTS  as communication protocol to get the live streaming content from RDK-Camera.

For previous recordings we are using HTTP protocol to get the respective information from the servers and display the previous recordings in the mobile app.

About RTS Protocol

As we discussed earlier we are using RTS communication protocol to display live feed from RDK-Camera. In this section we'll get to know about RTSP. It is used for establishing and controlling media sessions between endpoints. Clients of media servers issue commands such as play, record and pause, to facilitate real-time control of the media streaming from the server to a client (Video On Demand) or from a client to the server (Voice Recording).

Application Flow (Live streaming)

Mobile App Features

Following are the mobile application features.

Sign-up: To register new user 

Sign-in: To enter into the mobile app with valid user credentials.

Dashboard: In this page we are having three sections  

  1. Live Feed - To get the live footage from the list of selected cameras.
  2. Recordings - To get the list of previously recorded footage from cloud.
    1. Today - List of current date recordings
    2. Last week - List of recordings up to 1 week
    3. Custom - List of recordings in b/w selected date range
  3. Settings
    1. Camera - Resolution, IP, Storage
    2. User - Add camera, Permissions, Details
    3. Other - Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, About, Rating, Logout

Mobile App Screens

Sign-In: User should enter valid email and password to sign in into the application. Click register to register new user.

Sign-up: User should enter valid details then click sign up to register into the application.

Live Feed: Contains the list of cameras which are registered under the login user. Camera list contains Camera Nick Name, IP address and Camera running status (Red - Offline, Green - Online, Blue - Powering up).

Connection Setup:  User should enter valid camera IP address and camera reference name and click on 'Connect' to view the live feed from specific RDK - Camera.

Recordings: In this user can select the specific option such as today, last week and custom range to view the list of recordings stored in the cloud under logged in user id or user name. For custom user should suppose to select start and end date to get the list of recordings. In the list of recordings user can able to see the recording name, recording date and duration of recording.

Settings: From settings user can able to edit :

  1. camera settings such as video resolution for live feed and recordings and IP address, Storage path which is changing the internal storage path for downloading recordings.
  2. User settings such as camera access permissions, Adding new camera to the account, editing user details like password etc.
  3. Other settings which are app related settings  like terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, About application, App rating, Logout.

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