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Why Android kernel ?

  • An Android kernel is a mainstream Linux kernel, with additional drivers for the specific device, and other additional functionality, such as enhanced power management and faster graphics support.
  • Many features in the Android kernel are later added to upstream Linux after the open-source community has accepted.
  • When compared to Linux kernel, the Android common kernel has 355 changes, 32266 insertions, and 1546 deletions (as of February 2018).
  • Android kernel is more popular and has more footprints compared to linux kernel which leads to more support world-wide
  • SOC vendor supporting android kernel doesn’t need to  work to provide linux kernel support  to  bring in RDKV stack.

Repo Setup:

Build Instructions:

  • MACHINE=raspberrypi4-rdk-android-mc source meta-cmf-raspberrypi/setup-environment
  • bitbake rdk-generic-mediaclient-wpe-image

Validated functionalities

Status:              ✓ - Working               x - Not Working                         O - Partially Working
SL No.Tested ContentsApps and Features ResultsRemarks
1Basic Testsssh connectionConnection is successful
2Default UIUI is coming up consistently.
4Featured ContentYouTubeYouTube is launching, Playback is happening.
5Lightning AppsCNN

1.AV playback is fine

2.Forward is working fine.

3.Next content playback is working fine.

6Featured Video on DemandFantasy-IslandPlayback is working fine
7Playbackgst-launchxAV playback is not working through gst-launch

Tested URL:
> gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=aamp:// video-sink=westerossink
> gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=aamp:// video-sink=westerossink
8aamp-clixAV playback is not working for all streams except bipbop
Tested URL:

BT connection is not working. It shows pairing failed

Wifi Connected :

  1. curl commands
  2. Controller UI
  3. TV UI
13Search And DiscoveryApp


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