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Cloud Server Network Operation Center(NOC) access

Contact Plume (Email: for the creation of User accounts in Plume NOC(Network Operation Centre), here after it is referred as "Cloud NOC".

Account creation

For creating user account, we need to provide following details

* Full Name
* Email ID

Plume will create two account, one for logging into academy Cloud NOC and another is for managing your network from inside Cloud NOC.

* (for logging purpose)
* username-test-1 CUSTOMER  for example, used for managing your network

Addition of devices in Global Inventory

Log into Plume's Cloud NOC with your login credentials in browser.

Click on drop down at Top-right corner of Plume Cloud NOC and click on "Global Inventory".

Add your devices in Global inventory with following details for each device.

ID: MAC address of eth1 interface without colon chosen as NodeID for Turris Omnia by convention (Eg.: D858D700A5D5)
MODEL: RTROM01-2G/RTROM01-2G-EX (RTROM01-2G for gateway; RTROM01-2G-EX for extender)
RADIO MAC (5GHz): MAC address of 5GHz radio interface
RADIO MAC (2.4GHz): MAC address of 2.4GHz radio interface

Example details for provisioning gateway

NodeID: D858D700A5D5
RADIO MAC (5GHz): 04:F0:21:31:DA:A2
RADIO MAC (2.4GHz): 04:F0:21:31:96:9A

Example details for provisioning extender device

NodeID: D858D700A6B3 (used for claiming)
Model: RTROM01-2G-EX
RADIO MAC (5GHz): 04:F0:21:31:EF:8C
RADIO MAC (2.4GHz): 04:F0:21:31:93:43

Claim devices in your location

Type "username-test-1 CUSTOMER" on left-top of the Plume Cloud NOC for name search. Then, your default location will be loaded.

Go to Network tab, search for "Claim Node" parameter. Then copy-paste NodeID of your device in the field corresponding to "Claim Node" parameter and press "Submit".

Repeat above step for claiming all of your devices in your default location.

Network Management

When Opensync running in device gets connected to Plume Cloud server, corresponding Device Icon in Network Topology section will turn "Green" signifying its Online status.

Now, Device details, Statistics, Connected devices and others details can be explored in Cloud NOC.

OpenSync Backhaul credential

Contact plume to get patch for meta-turris layer for applying backhaul credential(SSID:PSK).

Plume's point of contact

Mail id:

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    Mail id:

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