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1.1. Introduction

This manual describes the up-gradation of Yocto tools, the default build system used in RDK Broadband, from morty(2.2) to dunfell(3.1). In addition to upgrades to opensource packages, Yocto 3.1 also contain Long term Support release feature. The current version lacks the variety of features available in the dunfell.

Considerations for Turris Gateway build:

  • OpenEmbedded and Yocto Dunfell.
  • Linux kernel 4.14.
  • Version upgrades for bitbake and other oe recipes(if needed).

1.2. Environment Setup

  • 1.2.1. Host- environment

  1. In Ubuntu 18.04 version, consider the versions of git( or greater), tar(1.27 or greater), Python(3.4.0 or greater), Coreutils.
  2. Take a look on the following packages,

            $ sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib build-essential chrpath socat cpio python python3 python3-pip python3-pexpect xz-utils debianutils iputils-                ping python3-git python3-jinja2 libegl1-mesa libsdl1.2-dev pylint3 xterm

      3. Configure repo

      4. Ensure the .netrc and .gitconfig files

  • 1.2.2. Build instructions for creating rdk-generic-broadband-image  build

      The following commands fetches the source code of turris using repo tool and create the image using bitbake

repo init -u https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/manifests -m rdkb-turris-extsrc.xml  -b  yocto-dunfell-upgrade
repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle
MACHINE=turris source meta-turris/setup-environment
bitbake rdk-generic-broadband-image

1.3.  Error Handling





ERROR: Configure error in PAM , tr069, dmcli and webui


Safec version has been upgraded from 3.5 to 3.5.1

Changed LDFLAGS to libsafec-3.5.1


ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'cpp-symlinks'

ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'cpp'



python3-pycparser version has been upgraded from 2.19 to 2.20

renamed the bbappend to 2.20 version

ERROR: Mosquitto compile error, build breakage

patch-set In  has been provided to fix this issue with openssl

wan interface erouter0 did not get IP

Utopia -repo

service_wan.c code seem not proper,

Fails in dhcp_parse_vendor_info API

5lan interface brlan0  not acquiring the IP

meta-turris /utopia.bbappend

Provided the patch-set as work-around in lan_handler.sh


syseventd is not running on the port

Error: Address already in use (inet6 addr)


Added CFLAGS += "-DNO_IPV6" as a work-around in utopia.bbapend
Lighttpd fails to run 

Used to sed command to disable server.ipv6 in lighttpd.conf

8check.php gives the blank image, after logged on in RDKB-WebUI

webui - repo

Replaced  the suspicious line in check.php 

1.4. Features Supported

  •    All the Ccsp Services are up and running
  •    WebUI is Enabled and runs in the ipv4 port.
  •    Ensured the wireless client is connected to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz , acquired the IP.
  •    dmcli works well and retrieves the information through all components such as pam,wifi,etc 




    1LAN Connected Devices-Ethernet(error)
    2WAN Connected Devices-Wi-Fi(tick)
    3Parental Control(error)
    4Firewall settings(error)
    5Advanced Config: Port Triggering(error)
    6Advanced Config: Port Forwarding(error)
    7Advanced Config: Remote Management(error)
    8Advanced Config: DMZ(error)
    9Xfinity Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz – Public Hotspot(error)
    10Test and Diagnostics(error)
    11Local WebUI Configuration(tick)
    12Factory Reset(error)
    13DHCP /Reserved IP(error)
    15Eth Agent(error)
    162.4 GHz Band Support(tick)
    175 GHz Band Support(tick)
    18Bridge Mode Support(error)
    19Persistent Storage Management(tick)
    20WebPA for Comcast,community(error)
    21Lost and Found(error)
    22Harvester Support(error)
    27Boot time data measurement(error)
    28Wireless Protection Setup(WPS)(error)
    29Captive Portal(error)
    30Wi-Fi MAC Filtering(error)
    31Log Rotation Support(error)
    32Firmware Upgrade Support(error)
    33Multiboot Support(error)
    34Telemetry Support(error)

1.5.  Flashing procedure

            Turris Omnia Reference Platform: Flashing Instruction

1.6. Known issues and Limitations

  •    ccspwifiagent.service has to be manually restarted (systemctl restart ccspwifiagent.service)
  •    lighttpd runs only in the port 80 
  •    There is 45 sec delay on the reboot.

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