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                   The equipment listed below is required for complete functionality of the standalone environment. The only devices that are tested to work properly in this solution are the specific brands and models listed below. Support for other types of equipment is not available at this time.

Raspberry Pi 3 b or Raspberry Pi 3 b+ device

  Image result for raspberry pi 3 bImage Modified       

                            RPI 3B

Related imageImage Modified                     



RPI 3B+                          

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 b or Raspberry Pi 3 b+ device
  2. Standard USB keyboard

  3. Television set/monitor with HDMI input.

  4. Ethernet cables

  5. USB-Ethernet Adapter

  6. SD Card ( Preferably 8GB or more )

  7. Tp-link dongles
  8. USB to Serial Debugging Adaptor ( Needed only for serial debugging )