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S.NoFeaturesSupported Status
1Ethernet connection(  USB Ethernet Adapter )(tick)
2WiFi Connection(tick)
3RMS ( RDKC Media Server )(tick)
4CVR ( Continuous video recording ) with kvssink(error)
5Normal Thumbnail(tick)
6Firmware upgrade with tftp and xconf server(error)

User Manual


for Supported Feature

S.NoFeaturesDesign SpecificationUser Manual
1RMS ( RDKC Media Server )RDK-C : RDK Media Streamer (RMS)RDK-C RDKC Media Server( RMS ) - Community
2CVR ( Continuous video recording )RDK-C : Continuous Video Recording (CVR)RDK-C : Continuos Video Recording (CVR)
3Normal ThumbnailRDK-C : Normal ThumbnailRDK-C Normal Thumbnail
4Firmware upgrade with tftp and xconf serverRDK-C : Firmware UpgradeRDK-C : Firmwaer Upgrade
5WebpaN/ARDK-C : WebPA Support

Known Issues and Limitations