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Yocto Build Steps for Rpi4

For Host Setup details, refer this link - How to Build#SettinguptheHostEnvironment

To build, follow below instructions

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titleWorkspace directory and repo steps
$ mkdir <workspace dir>
$ cd <workspace dir>
$ repo init -u -b dunfell -m rdkb-extsrc.xml
$ repo sync -j`nproc` --no-clone-bundle

Clone the beegol meta layer  and copy it to the workspace

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$ git clone ""
$ cp -r meta-beegol-agent/raspberry-4B/meta-beegol-agent <workspace dir>
$ rm -rf meta-beegol-agent

Enable the distro feature for Beegol Agent,

Code Block
titleDistro feature
vi meta-cmf-raspberrypi/conf/machine/raspberrypi4-rdk-broadband.conf
DISTRO_FEATURES_append_dunfell = " beegol_agent"
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titleset-up environment
$ MACHINE=raspberrypi4-rdk-broadband source meta-cmf-raspberrypi/setup-environment
$ bitbake rdk-generic-broadband-image

Process to Connect the Raspberry to a Dashboard

  1. After building the Raspberry firmware, there are a few steps to connect it to Beegol’s cloud where the ISP will be able to see all data collected.


  1. Send by email to the following information:

    1. Raspberry model if 3B+ or 4B

    2. All MACs address of network interface of the Raspberry

    3. Downstream and Upstream Throughput in Mbps

    4. Local (City, Country)

  2. Beegol will create a dashboard for the ISP with all the information collected by the raspberry

  3. Beegol will send a long and password to access the dashboard

If you need any help, feel free to contact

Beegol Agent in RPi4

Beegol systemd service should be actively running in the rpi4 target

Code Block
titleba systemd service
root@RaspberryPi-Gateway:~# systemctl status ba
● ba.service - Beegol Agent
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ba.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Tue 2022-04-12 08:59:01 UTC; 14s ago
   Main PID: 7396 (ba)
      Tasks: 3 (limit: 4915)
     CGroup: /system.slice/ba.service
             └─7396 /usr/bin/ba
Apr 12 08:59:03 RaspberryPi-Gateway ba[7396]: 2022.04.12-08:59:03.106430 [INFO] Connecting to MQTT...
Apr 12 08:59:05 RaspberryPi-Gateway ba[7396]: 2022.04.12-08:59:05.559599 [INFO]   MQTT connected to ssl:// with client-id

Beegol portal observations

Screenshot of wifi and Access Diagnostic,

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List of connected clients

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