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In Your client machine(LAN)you have to run : nc -u -l 2399 
From external WAN machine run nc -u 2399, while client machine(LAN)run https service(In browser


DM : 

dmcli eRT addtable Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.
dmcli eRT setv Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.1.Description string iperf
dmcli eRT setv Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.1.TriggerProtocol string TCP
dmcli eRT setv Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.1.TriggerPortStart uint 443
dmcli eRT setv Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.1.TriggerPortEnd uint 443
dmcli eRT setv Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.1.ForwardPortStart uint 5001 
dmcli eRT setv Device.NAT.X_CISCO_COM_PortTriggers.Trigger.1.ForwardPortEnd uint 5001


Step 1: Login to webui, from navigation -> Advanced ->Port Triggering. Click on Add Port Trigger (Configure Trigger port as 443:443 and Target port as 5001:5001)