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3. If the user wants to view swupdate.log file then follow below steps:
    a) Disable log rotation feature - This wipes out the log file if size exceeds after 1min
        For B image  command - systemctl disable rdkbLogMonitor
        For V image command - systemctl disable logrotation.service
   b) Reboot the box - This will make swupdate.service restart and user can start getting swupdate.log both for B and V image

4. Download of Video image(size 592 MB) takes roughly 40 min time and Broadband(size 292MB) image takes roughly 20 min time from Cloud server(Xconf). Broadband to Video or Video to Broadband is taking approx 15 min time to boot up after download from XConf server is completed.

5. Minimum extended partition should be 1GB, to verify multiboot feature.