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As shown in RDK web, RDK is a pre-integrated, open-source software distribution that provides a common framework for powering customer-premises equipment (CPE) such as set-top boxes, modem/routers and other devices from communications service providers.

We want to know whether RDK can support DSL modem/routers currently or not? If yes, which version source code can support it? And which vendor/OEM use this version code for mass production?

We have downloaded source code: rdkb-20170327, but we don’t find the support of DSL in this version code.

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  1. RDK-B is independent of front end (DOCSIS/ePON), these stacks are provided by OEMs. Management objects for DOCSIS/EPON are provided in the existing RDK-B stack. No support for DSL as such is provided.


    1. Hello Sujithra,

      OK, thank you very much.