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RDK as open-source software distribution and support Third-Party component, what technology is used on RDK to install/uninstall Third-Party component freely?

As you know, it is hot for the concept of container. It can support install/uninstall Third-Party APP freely so long as developer follow the spec and open-interface. How does it work on RDK?

As you see, OpenWRT has methods to install/uninstall Third-Party APPs, such as “opkg update” use for updating software list, “opkg install” use for APPs installation, “opkg remove” use for APPs uninstallation.

Do RDK have the commands/methods like this? If I want to install one APP into my router, how should I do?

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  1. As of today third party apps/components needs to be made part of the firmware image for the target platform. RDK-B does not support opkg kind of 3rd party app installs in its current form. But opkg support might be added in future (we have seen some POCs happening), though not many details are available.

  2. Hello Sujithra,

    Got it, thank you very much.