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Hi !

I'd like to know if the version of webkit that is used in RDK support Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and/or Media Source Extensions (MSE)?





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  1. Hi Eduardo,

    As of the RDK2.0, these extensions are not supported.


  2. Thanks Pritam! ,do you know if those extension will be support in future roadmap (RDK 2.1 , .2 ?? etc).?

    The problem is for instance with youtube today to implement this application on STB you need to implement youtube-leanback , and for that it is mandatory the support of this extensions.

    So may be if the MSO want to have youtube in ours STB will need these extensions.

  3. Its unlikely to land in 2.1. We will have to contact the concerned team to find out about future roadmap. This has an external dependency on Qt so it becomes a little tricky. As of latest release of Qt 5.3, we don't see any support for this and RDK is still on 5.1. We will come back to you with a definitive answer on this.

  4. Hi

    I had looked at that. But  when I tried any of those using a QWebView, I got a alert message that MediaSource is not supported. So I am not sure about the state of that. Considering I was trying on Ubuntu which is one of the tier one platform for Qt. If something is supported, it has to work on their tier 1 platform before we can try it anywhere else. 


    You can try yourself using Qt's example fancybrowser. If you get it working it on either windows/linux/mac, we can have some prediction when it will get incorporated in RDK.




  5. Hi Eduardo,

    The WPEWebKit engine that comes with the latest RDK supports EME v0.1 (YouTube 2016) and we're working to support EMEv3 (YouTube 2018) before the end of the year. WPE (now known as WPEWebKit) is part of RDK and does not require Qt or does not have any Qt dependencies. 

    The main repository is at: https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEWebKit. There should be a meta layer that builds WPE already, if not you can use meta-wpe at https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/meta-wpe (be sure to select the right branch to match your OE version).

    The above can be built using RDKBrowser2 launcher or wpe-launcher example launcher.