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We see that "TR-69 and 181 based monitoring tools for IP devices" as one of the pre-release feature in RDK 1.2 for IP Clients. But this doesn't seem to be listed in the Release notes of Generic RDK 1.2. Is this feature planned for future RDK Releases? If yes, we would like to know the plan for this feature.



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  1. Unknown User (vmishra01)

    TR-69 is indeed supported in RDK 1.2. However, the stack used by Comcast is not currently made available to licensees. There are plans to make this component available in a future release, though, no timeline is provided.

    Thank You.

  2. Does anyone know if there exists a test instance of the ACS, or a simple ACS emulator, that can be used to validate the TR-069 stack ?

  3. I'm using GenieACS. RDK-Emulator sends Inform Request after boot. But you have to set Management Server URL in your RDK-Emulator before.

    • two possibilities to set ACS URL in RDK-Emulator
      1. /etc/dimclient.conf
      2. /etc/data-model.xml
        • <object base="Device.ManagementServer." access="readOnly" minEntries="1" maxEntries="1" addObjIdx="-1" delObjIdx="-1">
        • <parameter base="URL" access="readOnly" notification="0" maxNotification="2" rebootIdx="0" initIdx="1" getIdx="1" setIdx="1"> 
          <default type="factory" value="http://YOUR-ADDRESS"/>
    • ACS sends Requests to the address defined in Device.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestURL.