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I was wondering if there was a screen resolution setting to force the rdk hardware to a given resolution. 

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  1. RDK Device Settings is the component which handles the following configurations:

    • Audio Output Ports (Volume, Mute, etc.)
    • Video Ouptut Ports (Resolutions, Aspect Ratio, etc.)
    • Front Panel Indicators
    • Zoom Settings
    • Display (Aspect Ratio, EDID data etc.)
    • General Host configuration (Power managements, event management etc.)

    These properties are persisted in the STB and are read/applied on each boot-up.

    For example: On a RDK emulator, the device setting properties are persisted in '/opt/persistent/ds/hostData' .

    There are few sample applications available to test/force the settings e.g. setResolution can be used to force the resolution settings.