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  1. DS-Lite is part of RDKB stack but currently it is disabled.

    1. could you please point me where this support is there in code base and how could we enable it. this will help to check some basic functionality and contribute back to community . 

      1. Currently in CMF the code base is not available. We will keep you updated if DSLite code merging to CMF.



    2. Any time estimation when DS-Lite will be enabled ? Will this processing be similar to handling GRE tunnels ?

      1. We do not have any information about time estimation for DS Lite.

        1. Could RDKCENTRAL share design or implementation related information about DS-Lite, how is it going to interface with CCSP etc. As we are working on this feature and will like to keep our implementation close to RDKB. also would like to contribute back to community . if you have implementation details that will help us to keep it in sync with RDKB and help community and us to make it available.  

  2. Currently we don't have separate document for DS-Lite design and implementation.