This is the summary page that describes CMF quarterly release rdkv-2021q3 for the opensource IP Client STB profile based on RPi platform.

This release is based on the branch rdk-next and yocto project version morty. Note the master branch has been deprecated in select community

repositories and rdk-next is now the lead development branch.

This is the first release of the opensource IP Client STB profile on the RPi reference platform.




Components updated 

Given this is the first IP Client STB Release no list is provided.

Community contributions

  • Given this is the first IP Client STB Release no list is provided.

Getting the code

Note: The rdkcmf/manifests repository is opensource and can be used to build the IP Client RPi Profile.

Building for RaspberryPi IP Client

mkdir <workspace dir>
cd <workspace dir>

repo init -u -m rdkv-extsrc.xml -b rdkv-2021q3  
repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle  

MACHINE=raspberrypi-rdk-ipmc source meta-cmf-raspberrypi/setup-environment

bitbake rdk-generic-ipclient-image
Note. The kernel Image and root filesystem will be created under the ./tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi-rdk-ipmc folder


RDK Reference Platforms

RDK-V R-Pi Yocto 2.2 - Morty

IP Client Based STB (Raspberry Pi) 

RDK Services on Raspberrypi

RDK Services on RPi User Manual


Sanity Testing

Sanity tests include:

  • Playing video from local source using gst-play.
  • Streaming from hybrid to media client using rmfApp.
  • Playing video using gstplayer (gst-launch).
  • Playing video using aamp-cli
  • RDK Resident App Verification
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth remote

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