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From the below snapshot, It looks dmcli tool 'exit status' is always(1), normally on successful execution status should be 0(zero) and on failure case non-zero value.

I could see the error message is printed in RED color but exit status looks always same on both success and failure.

  1. Does 'exit status' on dmcli tool is managed or its better to not rely on the exit status?
  2. If dmcli tool manages the exit status, can you please give the details, how to handle it? 

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  1. Hi Z-Nitin Patet,

    The dmcli command helps to interact with data objects in the RDKB setup and query their values or set/change them.

    Whenever a dmcli command is a success you will see Execution Suceed in the output ,otherwise you will see an Execution Fail with the return of a fault code corresponding to the error .

    The below screenshot is an example of a fault code return when the wrong parameter type was used to change the component SerialNumber :

    Please let us know if you are facing any problem in executing a particular dmcli operation.



  2. Hi Z-Karthika A B,

    I am new to RDK and currently I am exploring RDK-B, Once after loading rdkb build {emulator version} generated using bitbake, i could not get success of the dmcli walk Please help me out. 
    Below is the screen shot. 

    And also my "ps -ax" have no TTY interface:

    Additionally, there was a prompt at boot time which is asking to kernal boot the on graphic console boot, serial console boot. which is preferred?

  3. Hi Z-Manikandan,

    Please execute the dmcli command  using  simu  instead of eRT  in emulator. I could also locate TTY interface in emulator . Please refer the below screenshot :

    You can choose for either graphic console or serial console boot.If you don't choose any option , an automatic boot happens within five seconds . 



  4. Hi Z-Karthika A B,

    Thank you for response, it worked. May i know the reason for why eRT subsystem fails on emulator?. Is this because of the absence of embedded router?



    1. Hi Z-Manikandan,

      The eRT  (embedded router) subsystem is generally used to perform dmcli operations on Raspberry pi which can function as a basic router. To perform dmcli operations in emulator we use simu .



      1. Hi Z-Karthika A B ,

        Understood. Thanks for the response.