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Pryonlite is a keyword detector library provided by amazon for wakeword detection.

High Level Process Flow (v2.13)

Pryonlite initialization

1. Pryonlite is initialized along with the plugin's alexa-sdk initialization sequence.
2. Create and initialize audio stream reader for reading audio data.
3. Load the locale specific model file for  pryonlite wakeword detection.
4. Initialize the pryonlite configuration for wakeword model buffer size using PryonLite_GetConfigAttributes.
5. Call PryonLite_Initialize to set event handling and to set the config paramaters.
6. After initialization set the detection keyword, threshold params via call to PryonLiteWakeword_SetDetectionThreshold.

Pryonlite detection thread

1. Once pryonlite is initialized, a separate thread is started to listen to changes in audio stream.
2. Incase of change in the audio stream, send the audio samples to pryonlite using PryonLite_PushAudioSamples got wakeword match.

Pryonlite event handling

1. We have a registered function for handling events from pryonlite library for wakeword detection and processing.
2. Incase of a wakeword match, an event will be sent from the library.
3. Upon receiving the event, send audio stream, along with the wake word data as notification to the alexa-sdk via call to notifyKeyWordObservers.

Pryonlite cleanup

During cleanup call PryonLite_Destroy for cleaning up pryonlite initialization data and terminate the detection thread.

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