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Copyright 2021 RDK Management, LLC. All rights reserved. The contents of this document are RDK Management, LLC Proprietary and Confidential and may not be distributed or otherwise disclosed without prior written permission of RDK Management, LLC.

Host Setup

Refer to the below link for Host Machine Setup

How to Build#SettinguptheHostEnvironment

Yocto Build Setup

All RPi based RDK images with the latest features are from the rdk-next branch

Initializing the Build Environment

To build RDK images from rdk-next branch, follow the below build procedure

Generic build
mkdir workspace
cd workspace

# initialize the manifest with repo tool
repo init -u -b master -m rpi/dunfell/rdkv-ipmc-nosrc.xml

repo sync -j `nproc` --no-clone-bundle --no-tags
apply fixes
# bringing qt dependent components to dynamic layer
(cd meta-rdk; git fetch refs/changes/76/55976/3 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)
(cd meta-rdk-ext; git fetch refs/changes/75/55975/2 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)
(cd meta-rdk-video; git fetch refs/changes/05/55905/3 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)

# depedencies removal
(cd meta-rdk-video; git fetch refs/changes/34/55534/1 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)
(cd meta-rdk-video; git fetch refs/changes/53/56253/2 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)

# IP STB changes
(cd meta-rdk; git fetch refs/changes/56/55456/8 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)

# others
## bringing sysint to rdk-video layer (open sourcing)
(cd meta-rdk-video; git fetch refs/changes/12/55812/4 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)
other workarounds
# for MFR library
git clone -b rdk-next
mkdir -p meta-cmf-raspberrypi/recipes-oem
cp -rf meta-cmf-raspberrypi-restricted/recipes-oem/mfrlibs meta-cmf-raspberrypi/recipes-oem

# for sysint
git clone -b rdk-next
cp -rf meta-rdk-restricted/recipes-extended/sysint meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended
git clone -b rdk-next
cp -rf meta-cmf-restricted/recipes-extended/sysint meta-cmf-video/recipes-extended
cp -rf meta-cmf-raspberrypi-restricted/meta-rdk-restricted/recipes-extended/sysint meta-cmf-raspberrypi/recipes-extended

# remove all the repo which are cloned for workaround
rm -rf meta-cmf-raspberrypi-restricted meta-rdk-restricted meta-cmf-restricted

# as media-utils has audiocapture mgr utility implementation based on RMF headers, media-utils dependencies to be removed
# remove virtual/media-utils dependency from bluetooth-mgr
find meta-rdk -name bluetooth-mgr*.bb -exec sed -i 's#virtual/media-utils##g' {} +
# remove audiocapturemgr dependency from rdkservices
find meta-rdk-video -name rdkservices*.bb -exec sed -i 's#audiocapturemgr##g' {} +

Image build

generic image
MACHINE=raspberrypi-rdk-ipmc source meta-cmf-raspberrypi/setup-environment

bitbake rdk-ip-mc-image

Flashing Procedure

The image file will be generated under build-<MACHINE>/tmp/deploy/images/<MACHINE> directory

# Insert the micro SD card to the host system and mention the card's device file name
# input file (if) is the image file to flash and the output file (of) is the card's device file name
bzcat rdk-ip-mc-image-raspberrypi-rdk-ipmc.wic.bz2 | sudo of=/dev/<sd file> bs=4M iflag=fullblock oflag=direct conv=fsync

JIRA Tracker

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Compilation Errors:

S.NoComponentRecipeDependent onRemarks
1sysintNo bb fileIt is not yet opensourcedIf added in meta-rdk it is fixed
2sysint-confNo bb fileRemoving from package oss fileBuild is proceeding further
7tr69hostif-devmeta-rdk-video/recipes-thirdparty/tr69hostif/tr69hostif_git.bbBluetooth-mgr -> audiocapture -> iarmargs
8Netsrvmgr-pni-controller, netsrvmgr-pni-settings-loader, netsrvmgr-devmeta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/networkmgr/netsrvmgr_git.bbiarmmgrs
14bluetooth-mgr-devmeta-rdk/recipes-connectivity/bluetooth/bluetooth-mgr_git.bbAudiocapturemgr -> iarmargs
15aampmeta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/aamp/, meta-rdk-ext/recipes-extended/webkitbrowser-plugin/, meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/injectedbundle/injectedbundle.bbiarmmgrs

17Wpe-webkit-dev, wpe-webkit-web-inspector-plugin, wpe-webkitmeta-rdk-ext/recipes-extended/wpe-webkit/

18audiocapturemgr, audiocapturemgr-devvirtual/media-utils iarmbus iarmmgrsiarmmgrsvirtual/mfrlib


  1. ERROR: ParseError at ..../meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/ctrlm/ Could not inherit file classes/vsdk-utils.bbclass

    1. Ben Zmood "/meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/ctrlm" can be masked temporarily till the issue is fixed.