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Jira Tickets and its status:


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RDKCOM-1865Launch Diagnostics screen with RCUOpenWill start after 2 weeksImprovement requested by The team
RDKCOM-1858Premium content 4 application is not launchingOpenGopinath Chandran
Gopinath will check on this behaviour,RDKCOM-1891.pls test from command line if its not working from UI
RDKCOM-1859UI is loading without backgroundOpen
Jose team will be updating this by this week.Waiting for RM ,RDKCOM-1885
RDKCOM-1857Time update is not correct in UIOpenGopinath Chandran
Gopinath will check on this behaviour
RDKCOM-1844Unabel to exit from "Premium content 3" appOpenGopinath Chandran
Press Home button/Press M key,gopi will retest this
RDKCOM-1841Key mapping issue In Progress
Issue reproduced and fix will be provided by Jose team
RDKCOM-1840Internet not connected error message is displayedOpenGopinath Chandran
Gopinath will retest


Update firebolt UI to fix amazon appClosedsrinuvasarao jagarlamudi


Exit button inside the Xumo App is not workingToDosrinuvasarao jagarlamudi
srini will be taken care 


RDKServices:Unable to connect to Wifi Network through UINewEarly next week we ll get approval for stable2jose will be taken care 
VIP5202Quarter screen coming on VIP5202
Lakshmipriya P
lakshmipriya will recheck and confirm and create ticket if reproduces
RPIWifi not connecting with UI,only curl command working
Gopinath Chandran
Gopi will recheck and create a ticket for the same if reproduced
HP40A-758Controller UI causes file descriptor leakOpensrinuvasarao jagarlamudi
added We will work on this and update


Update Accelerator home UI to fix amazon appClosed


Wi-Fi option is not enabling in settings menu.NewDeepak Ponnath
Deepak will check this


After connecting to a Wifi network, Other networks disappear

New srinuvasarao jagarlamudi
Jose will update on this


Radioline Metro App: Bloomberg radio could not be loaded

Deepak will update on this
RDK Services: Crash occurred while loading Preset URLs in Lightning app, Search and Discovery and Resident appNewJosekutty Kuriakose

RDKServices: Monitor plugin Controller UI issueNew

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