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This page dedicated to understanding of Gstreamer implementation for Continuous Video Recording in R-Pi Zero.

  • CVR uses Kinesis Video Streams and supporting 24/7 video recording support.Allows the feature of storing the recorded content locally or in any AWS server.
  • Supported WiFi connection.
  • v4l2 Driver is used to capture data from RPI-0 camera Device.
  • /dev/video0 is the RPI-0 camera device to capture data.
  • Supported Soc level Gstreamer plugins to capture data from camera device.
  • Supported H264 encoding format.

Design Considerations

  • Gstreamer Implementation in CVR

  • Enabled V4l2 driver in part of RPI-0 to capture data from /dev/video0  device.
  • Implemented soc level gstreamer pipeline with v4l2src plugin,omxh264enc plugin,h264 parser plugin and kvssink plugin.
  • V4l2src plugin is used to capture raw data from camera through v4l2 driver and transmitted captured raw data into omxh264enc plugin to encode raw data into h264 encoding format.After that transmitted encoded data into h264parser plugin to parse h264 properties.
  • Finally h264 encoded data transmitting to kvssink plugin.
  • Kvssink plugin help to stream data into AWS server.

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  1. Do we have support to connect the Webcam via USB to the RPI?

  2. Yes, We can connect USB Webcamera to the RPI target and we can validate RDK-C use cases.

  3. Hi Supporter

    I would like to know whether need on-boarding R-Pi Zero to an APP to enable KVS feature?

    As I know, it need a token to upload clip to AWS server.

  4. Hi Sercomm 

    In RDK-C, We can use on-boarding R-Pi Zero or R-Pi 3B+ platform to enable KVS feature.

    We need below list of data to upload clips to AWS server


    export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION="ap-south-1"


    export CERT_PATH="/etc/ssl/certs/certificate.pem"

    export PRIVATE_KEY_PATH="/etc/ssl/certs/private.pem.key"


    export CA_CERT_PATH="/etc/ssl/certs/cacert.pem"

    Please find below link, this will provide how to create new AWS account and AWS IOT

    Procedure To Create AWS Account