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RDK services are a set of JSON-RPC services that provide access to the RDK core components on set-top devices. RDK services are implemented as Thunder plugins for the Thunder framework. The Thunder framework is responsible for, among other things, managing plugins and handling client requests. RDK services are invoked over HTTP or Web Sockets using their JSON-RPC services-based interface. This makes RDK services accessible to any client that can process JSON, such as Lightning JavaScript applications or HTML5 web applications. For native applications, you can also invoke RDK services directly using C/C++ native code.


RDK Services are developed as an open source component in the rdkcentral organization at GitHub. Additional documentation and API references are available from the project website.

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Some RDK components contain RDK services that are separately developed as part of their project. Refer to the each component repository, respectively: 

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