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Comprises of a fully functional web browser built into the RDK which allows RDK Set-top Boxes to browse and display 3rd party web pages/apps.  The earlier deployed RDK Browser was a port of QTWebkit. Now, a version based on WebkitForWayland is developed, as QTWebkit is no longer supported.

Browser is based on Webkit  which is an open source Apple layout engine for rendering HTML and HTML5 in web browsers, based on KHTML and KJS by KDE.   It was originally written to work on the Qt cross-platform application framework, but was made toolkit independent by Apple when they took over the development, which they later open-sourced.  Primarily written in C++, but with some added Apple Objective-C message/calls, Webkit provides a set of classes to display web content in layout windows, and implements browser features such as hyperlinks, and the navigation of forward and backward within the history.  

Webkit is a well-known standard for browsers.  


Rendering Engine

ChromeWebkit 537.36
SafariWebKit 601.2.7
EdgeWebKit 537.36


(iOS version uses Webkit 602.1.50

RDK QTWebkit Browser

Webkit 537.21

Mobile Browser

Rendering Engine

Chrome (Android)Webkit 537.36
Chrome (iOS)Webkit 602.1.50
Firefox (Android)Gecko/20100101
Firefox (iOS)Webkit 602.1.50

Browser Evolution and Community Collaboration

Modules Involved

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