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Basic GenieACS Server and RPI communication

To establish the basic connection - RPI and GenieACS Server, Follow the below link

TR-069 Support for RDKB RPI Reference Platform

GetParameter Values/Names

In devices tab, under 'device parameters' you can find all Data Parameters (according to the specifications (e.g. TR-069, TR-098 etc.) where request sent from CPE to ACS and stored in the database.

For Example, Below are the few DataParamters and the respective Output in the GenieACS UI.

2.Device.DeviceInfo.SoftwareVersion rdkb-generic-broadband-image_default_20210120043953
3.Device.DeviceInfo.ManufacturerRaspberry Pi Foundation
6.Device.DeviceInfo.ModelNameARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)

List of GetParameters available in GenieACS ServerGetParameter Values.txt

SetParameter Values/Names

Boolean Value

Lets consider, Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_RFC.Feature.SyndicationFlowControl.Enable is set to 'false' initially,

Select the respective parameter and change its value to 'true' and commit the task to be performed.

GenieACS UI, Once after the Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_RFC.Feature.SyndicationFlowControl.Enable is set to 'true'

Once the value gets reflected in the GenieACS UI, also cross verify in the RPI for the change.

root@RaspberryPi-Gateway:~# dmcli eRT getv Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_RFC.Feature.SyndicationFlowControl.Enable 
CR component name is: 
subsystem_prefix eRT. 
getv from/to component( Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_RFC.Feature.SyndicationFlowControl.Enable 
Execution succeed. 
Parameter    1 name: Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_RFC.Feature.SyndicationFlowControl.Enable 
               type:       bool,    value: true

String Names/values

Lets consider, Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_Syndication.RDKB_UIBranding.CloudUI.productname has the value 'RDKM'

Then, Try to edit the value and commit the changes 

Now, check for the value changes in both GenieACSUI and in the RPI.

GenieACS UI Output:


RPI output:

root@RaspberryPi-Gateway:~# dmcli eRT getv Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_Syndication.RDKB_UIBranding.CloudUI.brandname
CR component name is:
subsystem_prefix eRT.
getv from/to component( Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_Syndication.RDKB_UIBranding.CloudUI.brandname
Execution succeed.
Parameter    1 name: Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_Syndication.RDKB_UIBranding.CloudUI.brandname
               type:     string,    value: rdkcentral 

List of Get/SetParameters available in GenieACS ServerSetParameterValues.txt


Only Limited Data parameters are validated

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