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  • EthWAN provides the functionality to enable wan side connection through Ethernet port.
  • The functionality is being used in deployments with ONU and Gateways.
  • It can co-exist with DOCSIS, so that the WAN source can switch between EthWAN or DOCSIS
  • If syndication partners want to deploy Comcast gateway and Wi-Fi solution for customers who have fiber connection, they will require this EthWAN feature.
  • In other words this feature allows our syndication partners to offer service to their fiber customers.
Differences between Docsis and EthWAN
GwProvApp-EthWan is used for EthWan
GwProvApp is used for Docsis configuration
Default CR device profile used is cr-ethwandeviceprofile.xmlThere is a dependency on CM agent.
parodus2ccsp, xsmart ,ccsp LM lite and
webpa are not having dependencies on CM
DML is used to verify in which MODE the box is
currently operating
WEBPA & Reverse SSH is working over WAN
MAC assigned to ifconfig erouter0 interface
The Device is using CM MAC as defined in
hardware system
XB6 Ethernet Port 1 must not be available
for LAN side connections
Ethernet Port 1 must be usable for LAN side client
The Cable Modem is not active and there is
no active CM IP address
Cable Modem is active and there is active CM IP


  • Once enabled in device all internet data traffic including voice and device management will be done through Ethernet Port of the device.
  • In Ethernet WAN mode device will connect to ONU (Optical Network Unit) at the customer premises, before it connects to Internet.
     Network < -- > ONU < -- > EthWAN 
  • Adds two new components to RDK-B
  1.  CcspEthAgent                  – Ccsp component to control EthWAN feature along with data model support
  2.  Gw-prov-app-EthWAN    – Gateway provisioning component for EthWAN


DM Description
Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRALCOM_WAN.EnabledThe DML is used to ON/OFF the EthWan Feature. The
default value is OFF.
Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRALCOM_WAN.PortThe DML provides the port number that is configured if
the feature is ENABLED with
Device.DeviceInfo.X_RDKCENTRALCOM_EthernetWAN.CurrentOperationalModeThe DML is used to verify in which MODE the box is
currently operating

How to Enable EthWan

  • TR-69 Data model:
dmcli eRT setv Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_WAN.Enabled bool True
dmcli eRT setv Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_WAN.Port uint 0
  • WebUI:

To support manual configuration via local GUI (user side) to change configuration to Ethernet WAN or DOCSIS WAN.

Gateway> Connection > WAN Network

Code Flow

Ccsp EthAgent Dmcli Code flow

GW Prov Ethwan Code flow


Commands to get EthWAN info from hal

hal_test ethwan enableEthwanTo enable EthWan
hal_test ethwan disableEthwanTo disable EthWan
hal_test ethwan GetEthWanInterfaceNameTo get the EthWan Interface name
hal_test ethwan getEthWanEnabledTo get the EthWan status (enabled or disabled)
hal_test ethwan getEthWanPortTo know which port is enabled for EthWan feature


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  1. Hello,

    I try the command: 

    dmcli eRT setv Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_WAN.Enabled bool True

    to enable ethwan and I get this error : CCSP_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE (9007).

    Can someone help me please.
    1. Hi Z-Mohamed Habib Mallek 

      On which platform are you trying out this command? What is the output of 'getv' for the same command ?

  2. Hi Narayanaswamy Ramaiyer 

    About the platform:

    1/ Output of uname -a: Linux RaspberryPi-Gateway 4.14.68 #1 SMP Fri Dec 25 CET 2020 arm7l GNU/Linux.

    2/ Output of cat /etc/os-release:


    NAME=RDK (A Yocto Project based Distro)

    VERSION=2.0 (morty)


    PRETTY_NAME=RDK (A Yocto Project based Distro) 2.0 (morty)

     the output of 'getv' for the same command:


    type:        bool,     value: false

    Thanks Ramaiyer 

    1. Hi Z-Mohamed Habib Mallek 

      Thanks for the update. We see the getv value is 'False' for you . Could you please share us the output of below command too?

      syscfg get eth_wan_enabled


  3. Hi Narayanaswamy Ramaiyer 

    Output of: syscfg get eth_wan_enabled is empty.

    Output of : ps | grep 'ethwan' is:

    227 root             6:26 /usr/ccsp/gw_prov_ethwan


  4. Hi Z-Mohamed Habib Mallek ,

    EthWan in RDKB is a protected feature, could you try to enable the  flag "ENABLE_ETH_WAN" for rpi ( using CFLGAS_append ) and then check please.

    Thank you.

  5. HI sipra samantray,

         even after adding ENABLE_ETH_WAN in CFLAGS in ./meta-cmf-raspberrypi/meta-rdk-broadband/recipes-ccsp/ccsp/ccsp-gwprovapp-ethwan.bbappend file and ./meta-rdk-broadband/recipes-ccsp/ccsp/ file I am not able to enable ETH_WAN on my raspberrypi. I am getting same error as invalid value. Can you please advise what should be correct procedure to resolve this??? By the way for me syscft get is returning true so does that mean value is set to true in configuration???

    Moreover, I am under impression that by enabling this feature and changing values of WAN_PROTO and ip address etc in syscfg.db file I will be able to assign static IP addess on my WAN interface (erouter0).  If I am wrong please advise.

    Here is output:

    root@RaspberryPi-Gateway:~# syscfg get eth_wan_enabled
    root@RaspberryPi-Gateway:~# dmcli eRT setv Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_WAN.Enabled bool True
    CR component name is:
    subsystem_prefix eRT.
    setv from/to component( Device.Ethernet.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_WAN.Enabled
    Execution fail(error code:CCSP_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE(9007)).



    Have a great day.

  6. Hi Mihir Sevak

    Which CMF release code you are using for Rpi ? For Rpi there is only one profile which is FIXED_MODE and it is Ethwan mode.

    By default the Rpi will come up with ethwan mode now. You don't have to set anything, those tr181 not required to set to ethwan mode.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi sipra samantray ,

         thanks for response. I used repo init -u -m rdkb-extsrc.xml -b rdkb-2022q2-dunfell  to download and build image for Raspberry Pi. I also think EthWan is enabled because in syscfg.db it is true. My objective is to assign a static IP address on the WAN port. In syscfg.db there are fields like wan_proto and wan_ipaddr etc. Can you please advise what do you mean by FIXED_MODE and if that will allow me to assign a fixed IP on WAN side?? Also how do I accomplish that? What values or modules I should turn on in order to do this?